4 Part: Strategy

Part 1: Brighter Day


Bron has been helping businesses create a better business model for success. Helping the leaders focus on their strengths and creating appropriate strategic focus for the business. Often organizations find themselves following beliefs that are based purely on unchallenged assumptions. They create their own myths based on FEAR, “False Evidence Appearing Real”. BVASIC provides you with a new perspective; not one built out of false hope but on a true assessment that is honest, open and caring. You benefit from the beacon of light to guide you through a seemingly dark situation, to a brighter day.

Part 2
: Brilliant Plan


Based on long-standing principals and processes for assessing the customer’s financial world, BVASIC brings a truly brilliant approach to planning that everybody in the organization will benefit from. Having everyone on the same page, viewing the same clearly laid out plan, provides a perspective that is believable.

Part 3
: Balanced Approach


In the world of being in the red or being in the black, nothing is black & white. There is too much colour commentary, too many assumptions and way too many false impressions. The financial business world can be both confusing and disheartening at times. To succeed, you’ll need to find a balanced approach that identifies the good, the bad and the ugly organizational truths you are living with. Benefit from establishing a balanced approach to your financial requirements.

Part 4
: Better Way


Being stressed and in constant struggle to make ends meet is no way to live your work life. The first thing BVASIC and Associates will do is help you establish a better way, one that is full of honesty, openness and caring. We cut through the clutter to help you achieve success. Benefit emotionally and financially from finding a better way.

To Be Better... Be Balanced

What is it to be Better Off? Despite the struggles you may be facing both in the short and long term, BVASIC’s goal is always to assure you that in the end you will be better off, because you have established a balanced approach that works.